Thursday, December 1, 2011

The day without you


Arghhhhh I failed to spell it out.

I couldn't do it too. This is like I keep doing something I should not do, and ignore what I should do properly now.

Hate myself.


So lost. :(

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goodbye Ksa

30 March 2011. Lovely Sunny Day. Today's feelings was complicated. Happy? sad? excited? or ...? I can say its do really feel like "h-e-a-v-y". yeap. It's my last day in Kasturi College International. I think it was the last day of the college name in Kasturi College International. This is because the college changed their name to "Malvern College International". I miss Kasturi College International. :') I was happy because from today onwards, I can sleep till whatever time I like. I no longer scare to be late to work. *sleep like pig* I was sad because I no more working, I no more extra income, I no more laughing with the team of the college when break time. I was excited because I can concentrate and start my revision plan april onwards, and of course play hard too. *snake!* I feel heavy. heavy. I love this job very much, indeed. and now, I have to go, put down my resposibility, and back to the original position of me. Thank you Mr Marcus who gave me the chance to join in their team member. Thank you everyone in the college, guiding me, lead my way, bring so much beautiful memories and laughters, painting up chapters of my life! You guys are awesome! I will miss the time when I still one of the team member of Kasturi College. I love working with the admin staffs, fight for students, serve all beloved lecturers. I learnt a lot, I experienced a lot, I do gained a lot. Thank you for everything. Specially thanks to everyone who guide me, help me, cheer me, motivate me, wishes me, mumbling me, who treat me food, who bring me home, and also who hates me, scolded me. I will not forget this 8 months honey time with all of u. I do appreciate it in my deep deep heart. ♥ I love all of you! Hope everyone all the best in the future. I shall see you'll soon! :') and now, I back to my student life, enjoy the last 2 months full time student's life, face the challenges, see the world with different perspective. They are still beautiful and wonderful in front of my eyes. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011




Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Monday, March 21, 2011


Still struggling with my assignment. *swt!*
like what I saw in the facebook, my friend's wall post :
"i type a sentence. i slack for 30mins. when will i finish writing??=.="
I have the same thinking with her too.

tomyam fried rice as dinner! woohooo! it is soooooo tomyam! :)
still not full. is like tomyam fried rice don't have rice, only tomyam taste.
what a big eater!

Then I go for snowflakes and bought butterscotch bread! *yumyum
Plan to enjoy snowflakes with a movie first only back to homework.
Wish I really can finish it by tonight.

Not to procrastinate anymore! Energetic like a Tigger!


Hmm...have a hair cut for my fringe today. eyes no more itchy itchy!
But the hairstylist not pro as the last time one. :(

Been facing my assignment whole day long. But I facebook more instead. headache headache. Should move forward. My assignment already pending for a week.

switch to work mode, NOW.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

hellooooooo ;)

Its been ages I didn't update my blog. So sorry that I had forgotten I am the owner of this little space. ooops! Yea I as a "part time"blog walker have been keep update myself by reading others blogs, but not updates my own one.

2011 has started around 3 months and March is going to end soon. time flies. Yet I just started my very first post of year 2011. See how slow am I! Okay, am going to sort out what have happened within this 3 months! :)

January 2011. The very first day of January 2011, I do make a wish, wish that the world will still be beautiful and wonderful when I opened my eyes every morning. Yet I am greedy, I make more than one wish. hehe :P you know, humans are always want more and more and more. haha. This was also a month for me to shop until drop. CNY was around the corner. Thus, am broke till drop. T.T

Oh ya! I changed my hairstyle! hehehe!
I am glad that I as a part timer been invited to attend the staff annual dinner of KSA! have lots fun with them! c:

February 2011. Chinese New Year mood was attached along with me all the way. Valentines' Day was in the month too. But something sad happened. I have no way to be like that just because I made the choice I made the decision I made both of us deeply depressed. :'( I do hope everything will be alright, and believe tomorrow will be better. ACCA results was out. I got myself ready to accept the fact. Its in my estimation, but I still feel sad and demotivated. Thanks God that I passed the bulky syllybus paper. If I failed that one, I will be in deep deep depression.

March 2011. Started my research work. Enrolled for one more class. Time table full everyday. Workload getting more and more, dark circle getting dark and dark. I still working hard here.
Yet I still have some time to lepak in facebook. haha. Skype with Jiahua, skype with char yee. Nice talk with them, indeed. :)

meeting up with emily and yanyan too! Its been very long time we didn't sit down and talk already. I miss them lots!

Tsunami and earthquake hit Japan. I try my best to ignore this real fact which the earth is sick.
I dont want to be up-to-date. ><
Here is my 3 months days. complicated feelings, learnt new stuff, experience something new too. Future is so uncertainty. I hate decision making. Have many thoughts recently but don't know who to share. I was like keep nagging my own grandma stories to my friends. plsdontignoreme x)

will updates soon I guess. :P buais

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friendship is not fragile if we willing to hold together

Yeshhhhh! I been missing in action for quite a long time and now i'm back!
kekekekekekekekekekke xD

Raya week just past. Long public holiday end. oh no no, tommorow is another public holiday. Should I work tommorow? hmm. Frankly speaking, I still in the holiday mood. So so so lazy and sleepy. So wish I can stay at home enjoy my personal time while my paycheck still with full payment. hahaha!

We attended HoiKin's 21st birthday bash last eleventh. That day was the very first time we shop for his present. "WE" means leopard,ah Yang,Ai Cheng and me. May Ling was not joining us. Guess what? We were free for a photoshoot as we purchase fragrance from Ralph Lauren. Khoo May Ling don't jealous yea. hahahahahhaha!!


what a brother-sister-family photo. haha. We know each other for more than 10 years, this been the very first photo we had. :)

A big group photo to end the day.

Koperasi gang here!
Appreciate every outing and gathering with all of you.
Friendship is fragile, but not to ours. <3

Once again, happy happy 21st birthday to HoiKin.
May happiness and healthy follow you always.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010








Thursday, August 5, 2010






Tuesday, August 3, 2010

smiley service

"Hello Mr Marcus, a lady called in and enquire about vacancy on marketing and management position yesterday. Is there any vacancy still available ar?"

"No wor..because this position already taken by Ms Maggie wor..."

Honestly, I was shocked at that moment! My replied was so funny. haha! Guess what I had replied him? =p

I never thought that I am in a Marketing and Management position. As I thought I am only a part-timer. By the way, I mentioned his wording - "wor...". As he never talk to me like that. He always talk to me with his serious face. I felt he was so friendly today. haha!

First time ever in my life work as admin person where in the field of marketing and management. This job is much more challenging compare with my previous job.
I was thinking to be a consultant in college once when I was 18. and now, I have the chance to try it out. =)


"Please hold on ya, let me check for you first"

hope I can improve my speaking skills and listening skills asap.feel so shameful of my pronouncing problem. ='(

Monday, August 2, 2010








Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moonie McCookie

Today supposed to be a long day, but now, i can feel the time passed so fast!
Around 12.30pm, alicey came and fetch us for lunch.
headed to Jacky house and met up with the sweet couple. hehe.
Jacky just woke up and opened door for us.
He just look like old man laa..aahahhaa. oops! sorry, i don't mean it. =p

Played Nintendo Wii. what a "gan jiong" tennis match with moo moo man. lol
I had my favourite soup for my lunch, and of course with main course la. heee~
Hm, after a full satisfy lunch, we intend to attend class as usual.
I was telling alicey to keep right and went up to the fly over all the way going to Mentari Court. My fault lo. I shouldn't give wrong instruction!!! ><

so guess what?

I knew one new lovely friend today.
She is so cute! yes, cute! haha.
Her name is Moonie McCookie.
Moonie McCookie very tall, very tall...
eyes very big, very big... =)
and she is still cute!! ^^

Since there are nothing to do, we decided to join the long queue for 4 movie tickets. hehe.
I know Alicey for one year plus only go for movie together; but I only know Moonie few hours then we go for movie together. hahaha!
Alicey you see, how many times u have ffk me? LOL.
Neh mind, I forgive you by requesting u to date me more! =D
Here we go, Sorcerer's Apprentice!

At first, I don't feel like watching this movie, but no choice, this is the last choice. After I watched it, I found it is awesome!! I have no regret to watch this. This really a awesome movie! =D
This ain't like those normal magician movie, talk bout like harry potter story.
Sorcerer's Apprentice is combining magic and science together. The story line is interesting. Plus, humours one in a sudden is out of my expectation, and of course special effect! *teehee*
The movie is just that awesome to keep surprising me what's the next scene! =D

Okay okay, maybe I didn't give any expectation so there is no dissapointment. But I would like to recommend if you like this kind of movie. Or you might watch out the trailer? hehe.

Oh ya.
I almost forget to blog about this. HAHA!
This is the climax of my day!! xD
This kampong girl hor..request to tied "yippie yaya" at one of the corner of Sunway Pyramid!!!
LOL!! and yea, I fulfill her wish. hahahahhaha
Let's see!

blur right?? can't see properly hah??
neh mind,
I show u next. ngek ngek *devil smile*
Nah! this is evil part of her!! smile so devil!
bluehhhhh! ne ne bu bu, I don't scare at all!!
This is the best picture of the year! haha!!!
the most innocent naive kampong girl reach city!!
you might visit to get her! (jk)
geeeeeee~!!! xD

Something ridiculous happened at night time.
I can't stop laughing and I can't stop judging what kind of human is he. Nowadays, he is one of the main topic among us. sorry to moo moo man, I don't mean it to talk bad about him. We just try to figure it out what's going on.
I wish he will grows up as a mature thinking man, not physically, one day.

IAS 36 just confusing me for few hours. huh.









Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For You

Hey there, I had changed my blog's skin.
The very first time since I opened this blog! feel fresh?? *teeeheeeee*

I had McFlurry just now! Om nom nom nom~~
It is one of my favourite ice-cream. Anyway, I love ice-cream very much. xD

Facebook was like so quiet today, and yes, without alicey ONLINE, facebook seems to be quiet all the time. so sad. lol.

Things had been flow naturally until today, but still not settled completely in my opinion.
Never mind, she will say "not bad la...everything looks fine only ma. just superb emo at night nia". scorpio u! ><

Maybe I'm thinking too much, but since that day, u never phone me. Does this is a good sign that showing me indirectly you are okay??
Maybe if you let me know more, I will scold more blame more hate more. LOL!
Now i understand what is "Don't ever judge the book by its cover". =)

I should stop blaming and see the good side. sigh. Why I just can't do it?
Tonight I been missing you.
Actually I should say sorry to you, if I make you emo even more. I should not make thing worst, as a listener.

I am always here for you.
cheer up, dearie~ ^^